“Growing up, my elementary school’s space, form, and organization inspired me: it was simple but powerful. Great schools can inspire, enlighten, embrace, encourage collaboration and provide for its community. I love architecture, but I love creating uplifting spaces for others even more.”

Specializing in K-12 facilities, Aaron brings creativity and innovation to his projects. As a LEED accredited Architect, Aaron is committed to not only the merger between program and building but one that blends with it the applicable principles of sustainability.

With an acute eye for detail, Aaron understands the intricacies of designing an educational facility. He is skilled in transforming complex building programs into inspiring architecture by balancing aesthetics with thoughtfulness, functionality, and sustainability. His graphic solutions allow him to take a challenge and turn it into an exciting opportunity.

Aaron is a talented musician who plays and composes music for the piano, organ, and harpsichord.