Grove Elementary School

Client Marysville School District
Type New Construction / Prototypical
Grade Levels K – 5
Students 550
Area 53,170 square feet
Completed July 2008

“The Grove Elementary building is a ‘green design’ with many cost saving measures. The building is designed to make use of natural light. The site uses innovative options for storm water run-off. The site design preserved existing fields and recycled or reused existing landscaping and parking.”

Jeanne Tennis, Principal
Grove Elementary School

Grove Elementary School received a special grant from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) as a volunteer project, complying with the High-Performance School building program. It is one of the first officially recognized Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP) projects for Marysville School District. Many sustainable features are prominent throughout the building, including abundant daylighting and energy conservation elements.