Henry M. Jackson High School Cafeteria

Client Everett Public Schools
Type Addition / Modernization
Grade Levels 9 – 12
Students 1,930
Area 7,500 square feet (Cafeteria Addition)
Completed August 2011

“Phased construction to infill an existing courtyard to increase seating capacity of the cafeteria and modernize adjacent classrooms at Henry M. Jackson High School in Mill Creek.”

Gary Brown, Architect
Hutteball + Oremus Architecture

The addition to Henry M. Jackson High School provides roughly 7,500 square feet of cafeteria seating to an overcrowded common space. During this occupied addition, three existing walls were modified and one new exterior wall was constructed to seamlessly match the finishes in the existing high school. An upper-level classroom was removed to provide access to the expanded seating and the lower level was modified and restructured into four classrooms.