Office Manager

“I really enjoy working with different people and with different software programs. I love troubleshooting with my coworkers as well as on my own. I hope that my varied skills will always be an asset to Hutteball + Oremus Architecture, and that I will continue to grow in my responsibilities and knowledge.”

As Office Manager, Jennifer’s aptitude in accounting and software proficiency, and passion for delivering top notch customer service are strong contributors to the overall atmosphere and efficiency of the office.

Jennifer thrives in a busy work environment and can manage a myriad of projects and requests seamlessly. She believes that everyone is her customer and engages her gregarious and collaborative communication style when working with staff, vendors, and clients alike. Her confidence and can-do attitude make her a valuable resource.

With two very young sons, Jennifer and her husband certainly have their hands full! They enjoy quality time together watching movies, reading, going to the park, and playing with their 12-year-old dog Riley.