“My love of what I do stems from the dynamic nature of architecture. Our clients ensure that no two projects are ever the same – constantly pushing us to deepen our understanding of teaching and learning. With each new endeavor, we are challenged with a unique set of needs and given both the freedom and humbling responsibility of creating the best possible manifestation of those requirements.”

Katie is an influential and experienced Architect at Hutteball + Oremus Architecture. She understands the impact that educational facilities have on a community and contributes her energy to improving them for the students, teachers, and staff that occupy them.

Katie deeply enjoys working with clients facilitating discussions to understand their wants and needs of their new facility. She focuses on a design process that brings multiple voices together to reach consensus. Her creative insight allows her to create beautiful and realistic renderings to effectively communicate aspects of the building to all stakeholders.

Katie is an avid green-thumb and loves to work in her garden in her spare time as well as making many different flavors of home-made ice cream.