“Coming to work every day, knowing that I have the ability to curate and create a space within a project that can impact future generations, sparking their curiosity and creativity, is the greatest reward. Creating a space that is functional, inspirational, and sustainable is incredibly important to me. I genuinely enjoy each and every challenge of integrating these principles into all of our projects, striving to make a positive impact within the community.”

Lisa brings a great deal of ambition and resourcefulness to each project she undertakes. She is passionate about sustainable design and has a strong commitment to comply with WSSP and LEED standards.

As an Architect for Hutteball + Oremus, Lisa’s organization and commitment to her projects provide her with the skills needed to effectively perform construction administration. She is a service-oriented problem-solver with enthusiasm for overcoming on-site project challenges. Her drive to understand the functional requirements of each project augments her ability to produce accurate, detailed construction documents and plans.

In Lisa’s spare time, she loves hiking and backpacking as well as participating in races. Her first triathlon was the Whidbey Island Triathlon, in 2014.