Monroe High School + Stadium

Client Monroe Public Schools
Type New Construction / Stadium
Grade Levels 9 – 12
Students 1,621
Area 24,964 square feet (Addition), 32,700 square feet (New Stadium + Field)
Completed March 2005

“The great thing about moving into our new school is not just the newness, but the fact that it works well for education. The structure will allow us to change without changing the structure.”

Mike Weatherbie, Former Principal
Granite Falls School District

Monroe High School sits on a hillside above Highway 9 and acts as the gateway to the town center. In a town with a single high school, the facility represents not only an advanced learning center but as a community focal point. Through a thoughtful design process, the high school is zoned for public and private use. The commons spaces are flexible and adaptable to the needs of the school and community. A portion of the commons can be converted to theater seating for the stage. Career and Technical Education classrooms are flexible and forward thinking. Based on the concept of a “Da Vinci Space”, the labs are classified as wet or dry and designed for creativity. The stadium accommodates two thousand people. The stadium and field align with an excellent view eastward into the Cascade Mountains.