Marine Technology Center

Client Skagit County School District Consortium
Type New Construction
Grade Levels 11 – 12
Students 96
Area 18,189 square feet
Completed July 2010

“The Northwest Career and Technical Academy Marine Skills Center is a firm nod to the industry’s promise of jobs and the city’s desire to supply a trained workforce.”

Whitney Pipkin
A Sense of Place: A City Anchored On Its Waterfront

Located within the Commercial Marine District of Anacortes, the Northwest Career & Technical Academy Marine Technology Center operates as a satellite to the Northwest Career & Technical Academy campus in Mount Vernon. The academy offers industry-defined technical education programs focused around boat building, repair, and maintenance through four specialized laboratories: A Systems Lab to teach onboard plumbing; a Composite Lab for fabrication and repair applications; a Mechanical Lab for instruction and training in repair and maintenance of inboard engines; and a Wood Lab to teach marine carpentry. A central project area provides a large space where students can work together on to apply what they have learned onto a practical project.