“At the start of my career, I was mainly excited about the beauty of a building. Since then, I have become motivated by the adventure of making a building – a very complex process requiring many things to be executed well by many people. Like making a movie, every architectural production has a vision, budget, schedule, setting, cast, and crew, along with unique backstories, behind the scenes issues, and memorable outtakes.”

As one of the first employees of Hutteball + Oremus Architecture, Scott has been instrumental in the design of a wide variety of educational projects. His interest and skills in the latest graphic techniques help enrich the design exploration process, making it a meaningful experience for all involved.

Scott is skilled in uniting a project team toward a common goal. He is a respected manager, technical architect, and a creative designer. His projects are characterized by good team chemistry, timely results, and excellent technical documents. He strives to provide unique and appropriate design solutions that accommodate the client, building systems, and site characteristics.

In Scott’s spare time, he likes to cheer on the Dallas Cowboys, play basketball, and go camping in the deserts of the Southwest.